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If asbestos is detected within your commercial facility, it’s imperative that you take the proper steps to abate this hazardous material. Keeping this in mind, the certified team at North American Analytical Labs Inc is constantly standing by to provide prompt and affordable asbestos abatement and asbestos removal services.

Asbestos may be found in an array of elements spread throughout your space.

Thankfully, our certified team will complete a comprehensive sweep of your surroundings, prior to eliminating these potentially-harmful materials at the source.

We have successfully completed asbestos abatement within the following sources:

  • Roofing Materials & Siding Insulation
  • Textured Paint & Patching Compounds
  • Vinyl Flooring Tiles
  • Pipe Insulation
  • Furnaces & Gaskets
  • and Beyond…

Three reasons to hire professionals for Asbestos Removal

  • It will keep you safe – Asbestos is a very toxic fiber. If the proper precautions are not followed when removing asbestos, there can be some serious side effects such as lung cancer and pleural plaques.
  • Trained specifically for the job – If asbestos abatement is not done properly, then the toxic fibers can be released into the air and cause unpleasant symptoms like shortness of breath, a dry cough, and chest pain. These symptoms can then turn into more serious health conditions later.
  • Proper disposal of toxins – There is a proper technique that needs to be followed during the asbestos abatement process. If not done correctly, the asbestos will not be completely removed from the home or business, which can result in further damage to people in the building, as well as the building itself. Usually, only professionals know how to dispose of asbestos in the correct manner, so instead of guessing give our team at North American Analytical Labs Inc a call.
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    “It is now known that asbestos dust is one of the most dangerous dusts to which man is exposed” 1932 Letter from U.S. Bureau of Mines to asbestos manufacturer Eagle- Picher